10 Must-have Accessories for Your 3d Printer: Take Your Printing to the Next Level!

06 August 2023. By Samuel Wright. Reading time: 5 minutes.

Build Plate Adhesives: a Necessary Addition to Your Printing Set-up

If you’ve been 3D printing for any length of time, you’ll have experienced a print or two that didn’t stick to the build plate properly. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it’s an important project. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: build plate adhesives. These handy products come in a variety of forms—sprays, sticks, and tapes—and they’re all designed to help your prints stick to the build plate more effectively.

One of the most popular build plate adhesives is blue painter’s tape. It’s easy to apply to any size and shape build surface, and prints adhere quite well to it. Another great option is a build plate adhesive spray such as 3D Gloop!. This industrial-grade spray is specifically formulated to work with a wide range of print materials, from PLA to PETG.

By using a build plate adhesive, you’ll be able to improve your adhesion rate, reduce print failures, and achieve more consistent print quality. If you’re looking to take your printing to the next level, investing in a build plate adhesive is an excellent place to start.


Raspberry Pi and Octoprint: Streamline the Printing Process with Remote Printing Capabilities

If you want to streamline your printing process and enjoy remote printing capabilities, a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint is the way to go. OctoPrint is an open-source software package that allows you to control your 3D printer from your web browser. Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that runs OctoPrint and connects your 3D printer to the internet, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

With OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi, you can monitor your prints, control your printer’s temperature, and even slice models to print online. It’s an incredibly powerful setup that provides you with complete control over your printing process, no matter where you are.

If you’re looking to take your printing to the next level, a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint is an excellent investment. It will help you save time, reduce errors, and enjoy more control over your printing projects.

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Nozzle Cleaning Kits: Ensuring Your Printing Heads Always Stay Clean

One of the best ways to ensure your 3D prints turn out great is by keeping your nozzle clean. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it manually. Instead, you can invest in a nozzle cleaning kit that will make the process much easier.

There are plenty of nozzle cleaning kits on the market that come with different tools and solutions to help you get your nozzle clean in no time. One popular option is a kit that comes with several precision tools that can help you clear any debris or filament residue that may be clogging your nozzle. This can help to avoid any blockages or issues with your print, leading to a smoother, more efficient printing process all around!

Led Lighting Kits: Shed Light on Your Printing Projects for Optimal Detailing and Color Accuracy

When it comes to 3D printing, seeing what you’re doing is crucial. That’s where LED lighting kits come in. These kits are specifically designed to help you shed light on your printing projects for optimal detailing and color accuracy. With more consistent and accurate lighting, you’ll be able to identify flaws and fix them before your finished print rolls off the printer.

There are plenty of LED lighting options available, some of which can be controlled by a smartphone app or remote. You can customize the color temperature, brightness, and degree of light spread to get the perfect lighting for your project. If you’re serious about 3D printing, an LED lighting kit is a must-have accessory to make sure you’ve got the perfect lighting setup for your next project.

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Upgraded Filaments: Exploring New Print Materials to Enhance Your Designs

Printing with basic filaments like PLA and ABS can become repetitive after a while of printing. One way to take your 3D printing game to the next level is by investing in upgraded filaments. Upgraded filaments can help take your printing to the next level by expanding your possibilities when designing your prints.

For example, wood-filled PLA filaments give your prints a realistic wood-like appearance while being easy to print with. There are also metal filaments that can give your prints a metallic feel making them ideal for cosplay enthusiasts. Additionally, Carbon Fiber Filaments are perfect for print projects that need to be strong and durable.

Investing in premium filaments can give your prints a unique feel and texture that can impress friends or clients alike. To take your printing to the next level, check out this 3D Modelling Software for Beginners and Beyond article, where you can discover more print materials to use on your printer.

Spare Parts and Maintenance Kits: Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected with a Fully Stocked Supply of Printer Parts

Just like any other machinery, your 3D printer can break down at the most inconvenient times. By having spare parts and maintenance kits on hand, you can fix common problems yourself without waiting for costly repairs or replacements.

Some of the most common spare parts you should have in supply include nozzles, fans, and belts. Having a spare hot end assembly on standby can also make fixing your printer more straightforward if your current assembly is irreparable.

Maintenance kits can also ensure that your printer is always in tip-top shape by providing you with everything needed when maintaining your printer. A typical maintenance kit usually includes items such as lubricant, cleaning brushes, and cleaning cloth.

Remember, having spare parts and maintenance kits will save you time and money in the long run. To take your printing to the next level, consider investing in one. By doing so, you can focus on pushing the limits of your printer’s capabilities without worrying about constant breakdowns.

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