Discover the Latest Features of Autocad 2018: a Comprehensive Overview

08 September 2023. By Charlotte Lee. Estimated time required for a critical read: 7 minutes.

Enhanced Ribbon Interface for an Efficient Workflow

Autocad 2018 comes with an enhanced ribbon interface to provide a more efficient workflow. The new interface streamlines the toolbar area and provides better accessibility to the tools necessary for your design work. Utilizing this feature will give you an easier way to work faster and more productively in managing your drawings. There are many tools available such as introducing new panels, tab browsing, and multilevel galleries which provide better access to features, commands and content.


In addition to this, the Quick Access Toolbar has also been added to give users the capability to customize and set their toolbar in their own way. This feature enables us to set commonly used tools that are specific to our project and remove those which are of little or no use. As users work on their project, they can add or remove items in the Quick Access Toolbar by using the drop-down menu. This ensures that frequently used tools are readily available, providing a quick and simplified way to complete tasks.


The enhanced ribbon interface allows for more efficient and effective use of Autocad 2018, and will help you complete tasks faster and with better accuracy. If you want to improve your knowledge about Autocad 2018, check out this Understanding Levels of BIM article to explore more about the software.


Improved Dwg Compare Functionality for Better Design Collaboration

Improved functionality in DWG Compare is one of the exciting new features of Autocad 2018. With this feature, users can compare two different versions of a drawing simultaneously. This tool offers a side-by-side comparison of two versions of the drawing and highlights the changes visually, making them easy to identify. This feature improves design collaboration and helps notify other project members of any changes made to the design over time.


In addition to the visual displays, Autocad 2018 also includes a command line where users can see the differences between drawings based on their commands. This feature allows users to see how the drawings were altered, making it easy to pinpoint and correct design issues. By using this function, project members can save valuable time in identifying possible issues in the design process and collaborate more efficiently.


To conclude, the improved DWG Compare functionality in Autocad 2018 increases design collaboration as it simplifies the process of comparing and spotting differences between design versions. Utilizing this tool will result in better communication among the project team which will ultimately help users create better designs. Get better insights about Autocad 2018 by checking out this Understanding Levels of BIM article that provides a complete overview of the software’s features and ways to use it for better design collaboration.

New 3D Navigation Tools for Easy Maneuvering in 3D Space πŸš€πŸŒŒπŸ”

If you’ve ever had difficulties maneuvering in 3D space, you’ll be relieved to know that AutoCAD 2018 has introduced new 3D navigation tools for a more effortless experience! The latest version provides a more intuitive and spatially aware 3D environment, which allows you to quickly move around, rotate, and orient your 3D model. With these new tools, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and avoid getting lost in the 3D space.


The 3D navigation tools include a new “Look At” feature, which allows you to view your 3D model from specific angles. This feature provides a more precise method of the visual inspection of your model by pointing the camera correctly. In addition, the tool “3D Orbit” provides a more customizable experience to Arcball used before. With this, you can set a pivot point, and the camera will revolve around the centered point. One of the most important functions of the Orbit tool is its use in the modeling process by displaying each angle of your 3D model. These functions make it easier to finalize designs, as they offer greater control over the camera settings and performance.


Overall, these new 3D navigation tools offer significant improvements to AutoCAD 2018 for moving your 3D model effectively and providing a more spatially aware environment. To discover more ways AutoCAD 2018 can increase your productivity and enhance your designs, check out Virtual Reality Plugin for Solidworks – how it is revolutionizing the Design.

Autocad App Store for Customization and Increased Productivity πŸ“ŠπŸ”¨πŸ’»

The AutoCAD app store is an exciting new feature for AutoCAD 2018, and it offers a more efficient way to customize your design environment. With the app store, you can browse and download custom tools, apps, and add-ons to optimize your workflow and increase productivity. There is a wide selection of apps available that can help you automate routine tasks, generate dimensions, and even help manage and distribute sheets from the project. You can access the App Store through the AutoCAD product, and it is easy to search for and install apps of your choice.


Not only does the app store offer more customization options, but it also makes it easier to collaborate on design projects. With an app in the AutoCAD app store, you can bring together entire design teams who will have access to the same tools and add-ons. There are also more opportunities to share feedback on app usage, which makes collaboration more productive and efficient.


The AutoCAD app store has many benefits for users, including customization and increased collaboration. With its diverse selection of apps and tools, it allows a unique and personalized experience of AutoCAD like never before. Start exploring more ways AutoCAD 2018 can help power-up your productivity and enhance your designs, by taking a look at the Understanding Levels of BIM article

High-resolution Graphics Support for Crisp Visuals and Rendering

Autocad 2018 offers high-resolution graphics support that enables users to create graphics with crisp visuals and rendering. This feature adds more detail to the design process, allowing users to create top-quality graphics that can be easily viewed and understood by the team. With high-resolution graphics support, users can easily display the complexity of their design in the finest detail, making it one of the most valuable tools for architects and designers.


The high-resolution graphic support feature is also beneficial for printing projects that require exceptional quality. Printing graphics with high resolution ensures a clear and detailed output, making it perfect for construction documents, plans, and elevations. Users can also use this feature to create powerful 3D showcase presentations, with high-quality graphics that make it easy for clients to visualize the design. In conclusion, with high-resolution graphics support, Autocad 2018 gives users the capability to produce outstanding graphics making the design process more efficient and effective.


For those who are looking for the ultimate visualization tool, check out VRED Professional – a product design, data visualization, and virtual prototyping software by Autodesk that delivers exceptional quality graphics.

Enhanced Pdf Import Functionality for Seamless Integration

Autocad 2018 has an enhanced PDF Import Functionality that enables seamless integration of PDF files into the drawing. This feature streamlines the design process by allowing users to import geometry, TrueType text, and raster images from any PDF file into their drawing as an underlay. Using this feature, users can preserve designs, as-built drawings, or other project materials from external sources by importing them directly into their AutoCAD drawing.


The enhanced PDF Import Functionality provides greater control over the importing process. Users can select the location, scale, and rotation of the PDF file as well as specifying the layer and snap settings. Once the PDF file is imported, it can be scaled, moved or rotated like any other external reference. The feature also allows users to clip the PDF to a boundary, which provides better control of the underlay appearance without affecting the original PDF.


To sum up, the enhanced PDF Import Functionality has become an indispensable tool for designers, engineers, and architects. With this feature, users can import PDF files into AutoCAD 2018 with ease and use them as a reference. If you’re interested in other software that can help improve your workflow and design, check out this Top 3D Modeling Software Programs article that provides an overview of some of the most popular modeling software in the market.

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