Revit 2019 Vs Autocad: a Comprehensive Comparison of the Leading Design Softwares

15 August 2023. Written by Abigail Foster. Estimated usage time: 10 minutes.

User Interface Comparison: Which Is More User-friendly?

Revit 2019 is a user-friendly software tool that features ribbon-based designs, and you can easily navigate through menus and use keyboard shortcuts. The software has a clean layout that is straightforward to configure to suit your needs. You can also customize it to include essential tools that you use frequently such as a command line or properties windows, making your work more efficient. Revit has an intuitive interface that doesn’t require prior experience, and It has a feature called the “sneak preview,” which allows you to preview the operations before you apply them.


On the other hand, AutoCAD lacks the visual appeal and sophistication of Revit because it consists of a complicated menu system. While it has improved concerning basic drawing tools, it can still be challenging to master, requires intensive training or experience. However, AutoCAD has a customizable, intuitive interface that experienced users can appreciate since it has tools available for them. When compared to Revit, AutoCAD interface and workflow are less automatic, which makes it less efficient to use.

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Design Features: Which Software Offers More Versatility?

Revit 2019 has dynamic features that enable the creation of complex designs while providing accurate, quality BIM output. The software supports different project types, from residential to commercial and has an array of functions such as conceptual design, construction documentation, and structural engineering, among others. Revit has several 3D modeling capabilities that help generate accurate projects suitable for any client’s needs efficiently.


On the other hand, although AutoCAD has a vast array of tools and features, it’s primarily focused on 2D design. It has features to support annotation, drafting, detailing, and printing, and is mainly used for engineering designs such as mechanical, architectural, and electrical designs. However, when compared to Revit, AutoCAD is less versatile since it won’t provide you with the most accurate 3D rendering of your model. AutoCAD is mostly suitable for generating 2D detailed documentation instead of designs requiring advanced 3D modeling.


Team Collaboration Capabilities: Which Software Works Better in a Team Environment?

Revit 2019 offers excellent team collaboration capabilities that allow every team member to participate in a project using a single design database. The software allows multiple users to access and edit one model by sharing cloud-based design support, allowing a team to work in a streamlined workflow. Moreover, Revit provides live updates, so whenever one team member makes a change or update, everyone else can see it happen in real-time.


AutoCAD has limited team collaboration capabilities since it was not designed with teams in mind. The software is mainly used for 2D designs that require annotations or coordination between multiple teams. However, AutoCAD has a collaboration feature called AutoCAD WS, which shares files online and enables team members to work in a cloud environment. Nonetheless, the feature is not as advanced as that of Revit. Therefore, if you are planning to work in a team environment, Revit is a better choice than AutoCAD.

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Cost Comparison: Which Software Is More Affordable?

Revit 2019 is pricier than AutoCAD since it is a more advanced software tool. It costs around $3090 per year for a license, but it provides an excellent return on investment since its features make it possible to create sophisticated designs, which saves time and money in the long run. Besides, Autodesk offers a free trial to anyone interested in Revit 2019. The free trial has a 30-day limit and does not require any credit card information.


AutoCAD, on the other hand, has three different subscription plans to choose from: a monthly commitment, a yearly commitment, or a 3-year commitment. The monthly subscription costs $195, the yearly plan costs $1,690, while the 3-year plan costs $4,565. For a price-based software model, AutoCAD offers a decent amount of features and is affordable for small businesses that need 2D design tools. If you want to reduce costs, AutoCAD offers a 30-day free trial, which doesn’t require any credit card information.

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Learning Curve: Which Software Do Designers Find Easier to Learn and Master?

Revit 2019 has a steeper learning curve as compared to AutoCAD, but it is not difficult to master. It includes an intuitive interface and requires minimum training to handle the software’s advanced features. Still, one must have basic BIM knowledge before starting to work with Revit, as it not only requires a familiarity with 3D modeling but also with coordination and collaboration among the team members.


AutoCAD requires less prior experience and has a comparatively flatter learning curve as compared to Revit. Its interface is simpler, and its interface means that the basic drawing commands are quite similar to traditional drafting methods, but that it has been steadily replaced by Revit as the preferred design software for architects and engineers. AutoCAD has a large user base and support community that can assist with mastering the software. However, you may find that it takes time to create complex designs as you need to draw each line individually, and it can become tedious over time.


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Pros and Cons: Summing up the Benefits and Downfalls of Each Software.

Revit 2019 is the go-to software for BIM technology and provides a high level of accuracy for creating 3D designs. It enables architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to work collaboratively and quickly create accurate 3D models that offer insight into physical building performance. However, the software’s complexity can be an issue in large projects since it operates slowly and can become difficult to coordinate with other team members. As it requires a high level of technical knowledge, it may be challenging for new users to get their heads around.


AutoCAD, on the other hand, provides an excellent platform for creating 2D designs with high precision. Its user-friendly interface allows the easier visualization of designs at a lower cost than Revit. It can be used in various fields from architecture, mechanics, and engineering with applications ranging from blueprints to drawings. One disadvantage of AutoCAD is the absence of 3D modeling features, which may be crucial to some users. Moreover, AutoCAD can be more time-consuming, especially for larger projects, as each line or element must be defined separately.


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  1. I am extremely satisfied with my AutoCAD Subscription. Not only is it more affordable compared to Revit 2019, but it also provides all the necessary features for creating sophisticated designs. The three different subscription plans offered by Autodesk give me flexibility in choosing the plan that suits my needs. Additionally, the free trial option allows anyone to test out the software without any commitment or credit card information required. Overall, AutoCAD is a cost-effective and user-friendly software that helps me save time and money in the long run.

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